Stoerzbach – 11.2016

This is an autosomal recessive gene. It is very often present withing magenta strains (well that is most common opinion that is around that magenta metallic shine is actually a stoerzbach). My wish is to separate it from magenta. During my first visites to Bolek (march, april 2016) he gave me a schimmelpfennig male with something that resembled (if I remember correctly) could be a Stoerzbach. Sadly back then I was really not aware of most genes around in guppy hobby. I crossed this beautiful male with red magenta female also from Bolek. From this cross I till now have 3 fish. One magenta female, one magenta male and one not magenta male. If father was in fact a homozygotous Stoerzbach then all those fish are het for Stoerzbach. Not sure about this magenta male – maybe mother also was het for stoerzbach. Look at fish:

dsc_0412 dsc_0425 dsc_0483

Together with them swims a female which has glass belly (or transparent scale) and red double sword (I have used her in this cross).

I have around 10 fry from cross between non magenta male and double sword female:
dsc_0412 matka-red-ds-glassbelly

If my assumptions are right at least part of babies should be het for Stoerzbach.

Additionally recently magenta female gave her first birth – 2 fries – theoretically they also has a chance to be het for Stoerzbach.

For short period of time I also kept with above fish those 3 males:
dsc_0451 dsc_0460 dsc_0475
Those are Coral red, japan blue with double sword (f1 result from mentioned above cross) and magenta galaxy. So I have to remember that some fry can be from them.