Guppy Master Genetic Design Competition entries for 2019


First we have expectional bottom sword. Damn, isn’t that boy handsome gem?

Second is beautifully colored speartail. Look at that female! She’s a beauty as well!

Third golden double sword! Healthy and beautiful. A pair! You really cannot go much more better in double swords!

Fourth – a speartail – so harmonous and gracefull that you cannot stop watching!

Fifth – well I have just whistled in spontanous admiration. Look at that tail of a female! And colors on male!

Sixth is a pintail. Real pintail. And I have a feeling that in this line it is kind of repeatable. Well the breeder spend a lot of effort to achieve that for sure.

The rules are simple. Judges follow their intuition and choose the fish that make their heartbeat to rise :). Every judge choose 5 fishes. Fishes may but don’t have to take a part previously in IKGH competition. Then we choose those from all the fishes that were choosen the most times by all judges. For questions and details feel free to contact me.

In next steps judges vote for the best fish. In this process IKGH and any other organisations rules are being forgotten. What matters is a difficulty to achieve results judges have before their eyes. Genetic diversity and long term selection to keep fish expectional and healty is what is most important in this competition.

Obraz może zawierać: 5 osób, w tym Łukasz Kołecki, ludzie siedzą i w budynku
Judging was no joke! Me explaining the rules.

Not sure what your type was (mine were the halfmoons – nr 13. It won the first round together with golden double swords but lost in next round :()

Obraz może zawierać: 3 osoby, w tym Harold O'Honour, ludzie siedzą i w budynku
Having good time!
Obraz może zawierać: 1 osoba, siedzi i w budynku
Formidable judges! No fooling around!
Obraz może zawierać: 5 osób, broda
Waiting for next round.
Brak dostępnego opisu zdjęcia.
Emotions were strong to the very end.

The winner was Denis Barbe with his superb double sword with golden body! Congratulations Denis! Really good job in creating this spectacular piece of art.