About me.

Recently a friend asked if this site is mine. And well in fact I have not written anything about the author, that is me :). I am fishkeeping enthusiasts for some time. In fact my very first memories as a kiddo are related to fishkeeping. I received some labirynth fish from my grandfather. It was […]

Galactic mosaic

A frequent reader probably has noticed that I like to write about ‘technical’ factors that build described phenotype. So this post will be kind of a surprise. From a friend I have received a pair of nice galaxy mosaic. In F1 in my tanks some strange individuals appeared. For now let’s just enjoy them without […]

Lower sword supremancy

Well what can I say Daniel, it’s screwed! My boss used to say that when we find ourselves in kind of pity IT situations. In my little hatchery I have had problem during few last weeks of winter. Flukes, damn flukes. Really, I hate them wholeheartedly. Interestingly enough two of strains are doing exceptionally well. […]