Lower sword supremancy

Well what can I say Daniel, it’s screwed! My boss used to say that when we find ourselves in kind of pity IT situations.

In my little hatchery I have had problem during few last weeks of winter. Flukes, damn flukes. Really, I hate them wholeheartedly. Interestingly enough two of strains are doing exceptionally well. Almost no losses, they even breed and fry is ok as well. Those resistant strains are kept by me for long time halfblacks line and… lower swords. Lower swords are descendants of fish Jacek Ambro┼╝kiewicz brought to Poland from Alan Bias.

And my halfblacks are doing ok but are nothing close in terms of look to Alan’s masterpiece. Take a look by yourself… he was 5 months old back then. Now sword is much longer. He is hyper active (like wild strains), beautiful and resistant to any shit that happens to him (and it was a lot lately).

Why am I so enthusiastic? It is very difficult to create and maintain strain that is good looking and healthy long term. And those fishes are just amazing… and they inconporate a lot of genes. Blond, albino, wine red albino, golden, stoerzbach, asian blau to name a few. So kind of hard to get bored with them long term. And in addition to that they are active and resistant – well it is really hard to go further in guppy breedings :).