About me.

Recently a friend asked if this site is mine. And well in fact I have not written anything about the author, that is me :).

I am fishkeeping enthusiasts for some time. In fact my very first memories as a kiddo are related to fishkeeping. I received some labirynth fish from my grandfather. It was back in the 80’s when Poland was still under communistic regime. My grandfather used to take me with himself to aquarists meetings which took place every week. There you could meet with friends and exchange fishes and experience. Since then I have always had at least one aquarium. There were even some years when I was importing West African Cichlids as a business. Now I maintain few fishtanks and just having some fun in the meantime writing this blog.

I also enjoy motorcycle traveling. Yamaha being my favourite brand. In the old, japanese motorcycle user manual it was written: “Assembly of Japanese bicycle require great peace of mind”. It seems to be true for everything that matters in life.

Vistula river, central Poland, 2020.

Guppy breeding is such a strange fenomena. Intuition and patience allows subtle dialog with nature which seems to be the source of all quality creation…

Enjoy your stay here my friend.
Daniel Milaczewski