Silverado guppy pt 1.

So I am somehow hardcoded that breeding a generation or two in my tanks doesn’t feel like I have my own strain. With this attitude I have started working with silverado. Back then available in Poland only as a wingei alike strains with little or no domesticated guppies blood. So two first generations I have […]

About me.

Recently a friend asked if this site is mine. And well in fact I have not written anything about the author, that is me :). I am fishkeeping enthusiasts for some time. In fact my very first memories as a kiddo are related to fishkeeping. I received some labirynth fish from my grandfather. It was […]

Galactic mosaic

A frequent reader probably has noticed that I like to write about ‘technical’ factors that build described phenotype. So this post will be kind of a surprise. From a friend I have received a pair of nice galaxy mosaic. In F1 in my tanks some strange individuals appeared. For now let’s just enjoy them without […]

Lower sword supremancy

Well what can I say Daniel, it’s screwed! My boss used to say that when we find ourselves in kind of pity IT situations. In my little hatchery I have had problem during few last weeks of winter. Flukes, damn flukes. Really, I hate them wholeheartedly. Interestingly enough two of strains are doing exceptionally well. […]

Transparent scale pt. III

In this part of a Transparent scale series we will discuss influence of this gene on tail fin shape.See part I and part II to be updated about the previous content. There are some really strong evidences that Transparent scale is not able to shorten swords extensions in guppies. Despite this there are still opinions […]

Moscow variegation

As works towards famous yet elusive Polish Pink Guppy progress I have some interesting variegated phenotypes appeared. Shining factors marks on peduncle and tail fin seems to me to show relation between guanophores and melanophores within Var expression. Appearance of variegation within phenotype seems to vary greatly. There are many factors which influence this subtle […]

My roundtails

I am slowly building up again my roundtail colony. This year won’t be a show year for me but there is hope for future. Below specimens are classic. Snakeskin on X, Schimmelpfennig on Y and melanophores modificator as autosomal gene. This modificator for now is called Transparant Scale (sometimes also Translucent scale).

Japan blue

Japan blue is easly identified by blue coloration of peduncle. Probably comes from feral population of  Poecilia reticulata living in Japan waters. It is y-linked. Some breeders belive it is possible to jump it on X chromosome – others belive it is not possible. It is worth mentioning that population very similar in look to […]


Very interesting gene. Autosomal dominant. It highlights metallic shine. It causes poliferation of melanophores – and probably that is how it influence metallic colors as well (melanophores and guanophores – responsible for shiny cover – seems to stay in strong connection, not only in case of this gene). It creates effect of pearl mass on […]