June 2018 GDPR and RODO

Some minor changes to the site. They affect mostly the way content is processed so as users you won’t experience any spectacular wows here and there :). I have updated most pages so take your time to browse through breeding log as well as gene examples. Site is developed to share knowledge hence I strongly […]

Guppy color genetics by W. Storożew and S. Apriatin

This work has been oryginally translated from russian to polish by Monika Adaszewska and published on Warsaw aquarist forum fawa.pl. Authors: W. Storozhev and S. Apriatin GUPPY GENETIC (translation of a publication nr.1/2009)link to the original document where you can find photos which are currently lacking in a translation http://genetika-guppy.my1.ru/_ld/0/19_12009.pdf GUPPY COLOR GENETICS Entry We […]