Medusa halfmoon

03.11.2016 PP
Information about this cross as for now may read here. Some interesting results.

11.12.2016 F1 crossess (males discarded as they were japan blues).
Some new crossess of F1 females from this line. Read here about my hopes for singapur blues and X-linked shimmelpfennig  guppies.

So I have first fries from this cross. I hope females will carry X-linked Sc and effect in combination with Singapure blue will be interesting. Here is a short news about fry collecting.

Few males have colored up. Not as I wanted. Read here about results of singa/possibly X-linked Sc cross.

Well I decided to change direction of this line. I added 3 halfmoon females. Together with medusa male and a halfmoon snakeskin male. I also changed the name on page. Final notes – read here.