Medusa halfmoon

Cross between schimmelpfennig galaxy and a snakeskin roundtail.

Galaxy male which I used in this cross (on a picture it has nipped tail fin – normally tail has a nice shape):

I used him on females from a snakeskin roundtail line like pictured below.

Males from this line look like example below and there were not much variation between them. I had two – one died.


Females look like below example. I had two – one died during giving first birth.

It is not very visible on a photo but she has a red bordering of tail fin and a red dorsal fin. I have also assumed that she carry a snakeskin. Second female had much less visible red on fins.

In this cross I also used a female from Bolek’s japan blue line which has clear tail fin.

Based on phenotipical expression I assumed that PP generation has following genes:

Male Y-linked Schimmelpfennig platinum and some unkown genes on X (maybe tailfin colors).


1. Snakeskin roundtail with red on tail (not sure what on how many X)


2. Clear tail with neutral tailfin.

Based on above assumptions I was going to obtain in F1 males with Y linked schimmeplfennig and X from either female 1 or 2 – they would differ in tailfin and dorsal colors. What results was? Well take a look on a photo:
synowie01 synowie02

It means that probably PP male (father) has in Y japan blue and in X schimmelpfennig. Male with red on tail is from female 1, clear tail on the other hand from female 2.

After I have produced japan blue males from galaxy cross I have made I assumed that F1 females will carry on one of X chromosomes (after father) Schimmelpfennig platinum (I will call this gene Sc as well). Well testing this out was bigger temptation than pursuing galaxy roundtails sooo 2 new crossess I work on.

I have raised a nice group of young singapur blues. I am very interested in testing them with X linked Sc – theorhetical goal is a green forebody guppy! :). So I decided to cross F1 females which can carry X linked Sc with my singas.
dsc_0145 corkaf1

In the second cross I use also those X-linked Sc females:

1-02 corkaf1

Take a closer look on this male peduncle – he has this golden shine also there – it is usually characteristic for Schimmelpfennig platinum forebody. I hope that by adding X linked Sc I will stronger this effect somehow.

I have first fries from singapur blue and X-linked Sc females cross. One of females gave birth to 64 fry!

In about 1.5 month males should color up enought to see if females gave them X chromosome with Sc gene – can’t wait to see the results!

Well some fries have colored up. Results are not so spectacular as I assumed when starting this project. In fact crossing singas (which is Y-linked and coloring up forebody) with another gene that can possibly color up forebody was not the best idea to verify X linking of Sc gene. Below are results. And now I am not sure if females do carry Sc, or maybe japan blue or maybe nothing and I just have strangly colored singas? Who knows.

Notice this yellow/gold spots on forebody and peduncle. Strange looking.

Well I decided to change direction of this line. I added 3 halfmoon females. Together with medusa male and a halfmoon snakeskin male. I also changed the name on page.

I have added 3 females of halfmoon type. Also a medusa male and a snakeskin halfmoon male. Plus one special male with extra burification in fin. Goal – supercool halfmoon.