Some details about this strain as for now – 03.11.2016. In further I will add here more detailed information as often as possible. But since a little reorganization on the site – all posts about those fish are now in one.

Visiting once Bolek’s place I have noticed an interesting halfblack male. Front of the body is blueish, black is really dark and on pectoral fins there is some yellow pigment. Mouth also is bordered with the same striking yellow color. I liked fish so much I took it home.


Bolek said that they appear in his halflack line from time to time. In the beginning I placed this male together with yellow blond females. They possess some sort of anerythristic gene which lower levels of red pigmentation. I hope it is so called asian blau. I received them from crossess I had made at the beginning of the year. I had a lot of fish back then and sadly I do not remember exactly what was their father. It was schimmelpfennig for sure. Female was a red one from Bolek’s red line. She probably was a magenta as well.

Main goal for now it to raise amount of yellow on pectoral fins. Those females have some yellow pigmentation on bases of pectorals. Sadly after 2 months of swimming together they gave to babies. Hope there is no problem with males. 15.10.2016 I took those yellow females from males and put 2 virgin females with them. Those females are F1 from a cross made by Jacek Ambrożkiewicz between Singa from Tobi and his vienna type lowe sword. They are 4 months old now so ready to breed. I hope for some fry in a monts or so. Those young females could carry metal gold gene which I hope could enchance yellow on pectorals.

Since I didn’t receive any fry from my crossing of halfblack moscow I took from Bolek two halfblack females impregnated by panda males.

Female PP:

Male PP (example of Bolek’s panda male – not sure if he was a parent):

F1 (swims together):

There are two kinds of females (one with visible HB and one without – maybe pink):


Additionally I introduced to F1 fish a hb-yellow pectoral male:

and black moscow (hoping for melanistic pingu with yellow pectoral):

Well no pingus…yet. I have new line of halfblacks. I got some pandas. Will try to get pingus next year. For now enjoy photo of a beautiful halfblack male.


My line of halfblacks went into two directions. I have nice roundtails halfblacks and some halfmoons :). Examples below:

I am really proud of those halfmoon males. There are two kinds of halfmoons in my possiesion. One has nice, big spread of tail fin and second is shorter but fin rays are more burificated. I won’t separate them as I guess this kind of variation is helpful within a line in long term. Pictures of roundtail will soon follow :).