Stoerzbach snowflake

Goal of crosses I describe here is simple – to have some fun with Stoerzbach (metallicus).

This is an autosomal recessive gene. It is very often present withing magenta strains (well that is most common opinion that is around that magenta metallic shine is actually a stoerzbach). My wish is to separate it from magenta. During my first visites to Bolek (march, april 2016) he gave me a schimmelpfennig male with something that resembled (if I remember correctly) could be a Stoerzbach. Sadly back then I was really not aware of most genes around in guppy hobby. I crossed this beautiful male with red magenta female also from Bolek. From this cross I till now have 3 fish. One magenta female, one magenta male and one not magenta male. If father was in fact a homozygotous Stoerzbach then all those fish are het for Stoerzbach. Not sure about this magenta male – maybe mother also was het for stoerzbach. Look at fish:

dsc_0412 dsc_0425 dsc_0483

Together with them swims a female which has glass belly (or transparent scale) and red double sword (I have used her in this cross).

I have around 10 fry from cross between non magenta male and double sword female:
dsc_0412 matka-red-ds-glassbelly

If my assumptions are right at least part of babies should be het for Stoerzbach.

Additionally recently magenta female gave her first birth – 2 fries – theoretically they also has a chance to be het for Stoerzbach.

For short period of time I also kept with above fish those 3 males:
dsc_0451 dsc_0460 dsc_0475
Those are Coral red, japan blue with double sword (f1 result from mentioned above cross) and magenta galaxy. So I have to remember that some fry can be from them.

Fish which I hope are heterozygotous Stoerzbach metallic are at last mature. So I put males and females together at 08.01.2017. For some serious results I have to wait then so for now few pictures of males. They are looking interesting, especially this dark dorsal stripe.

Shape of the tail and size of fish have to be improved in future, for now the most important thing is to separate Stoerzbach :).

White snowflakes. I already have f2 fries.

So far breeding showed that this white phenotype is created from homozygotous magenta (plus probably TS to make better roundtail), blau (probably european), stoerzbach.

On the left when he was young, on the right when he was old.

Sons and daughter f1 after cross with female from wild type big dorsal (read here about this line)