Wild type with big dorsal

Next fish from Bolek. Simple but I love the look of them. Also males are hiper active, constantly chasing females and showing off.

dsc_0544 samiczka-bolkowa-matka

In addition to this line females I have also introduced F1 females after singa cross made by Jacek Ambro┼╝kiewicz. Mainly to add yellow coloration to dorsal fin of males.


Little update about this strain. I really like the direction it is evolving so far. My first success as a guppy breeder ­čÖé –

So little update on these guys. I wanted to switch dorsal color from red to yellow and add VEG to make fish more shining. I used fish from Jacek Ambro┼╝kiewicz – females from his ls guppies. Decent results. Need to work on dorsal size but coloration it correct. Also some of them looks like living gems. So with further tinkering (maybe cross breeding with ginga) I will have really nice line :).

Take a look how fragmentary snakeskin on peduncle mixed well with VEG blue spot on this spectacular male:

He sadly has weaker than his brothers dorsal shape and color… so a lot of work again to fix it a little bit.

A non red (MMGGeeXX) or so called european blau examples and non yellow (MMGGEExx) or Purple body within my wild type line :).

A non red fish showed in a line. It is so called european blau or in russian nomenclature low ee (lowerer synthesis in erythophores). It is a recessive gene, which reduces red pigment on a body but can left some red in fins – it depends on exact color cells.

Photos of brothers. One blue, one normal.

With age more blue show on a fish.

Below examples of no yellow (MMGGeeXX) or so called Purple body fish in comparison with wild coloration brother.