Stoerzbach snowflakes 08.2017

White snowflakes. I already have f2 fries. So far breeding showed that this white phenotype is created from homozygotous magenta (plus probably TS to make better roundtail), blau (probably european), stoerzbach. On the left when he was young, on the right when he was old. Sons and daughter f1 after cross with female from wild […]

Wild type big dorsal 05.2017

So little update on these guys. I wanted to switch dorsal color from red to yellow and add VEG to make fish more shining. I used fish from Jacek Ambrożkiewicz – females from his ls guppies. Decent results. Need to work on dorsal size but coloration it correct. Also some of them looks like living […]

Singa/Schimmelpfennig 05.2017

Well some fries have colored up. Results are not so spectacular as I assumed when starting this project. In fact crossing singas (which is Y-linked and coloring up forebody) with another gene that can possibly color up forebody was not the best idea to verify X linking of Sc gene. Below are results. And now […]

Halfblack/Panda – 01.2017

Since I didn’t receive any fry from my crossing of halfblack moscow I took from Bolek two halfblack females impregnated by panda males. Female PP: Male PP (example of Bolek’s panda male – not sure if he was a parent): F1 (swims together):   There are two kinds of females (one with visible HB and one without […]

Stoerzbach – 01.2017

Fish which I hope are heterozygotous Stoerzbach metallic are at last mature. So I put males and females together at 08.01.2017. For some serious results I have to wait then so for now few pictures of males. They are looking interesting, especially this dark dorsal stripe. Shape of the tail and size of fish have […]

galaxy 12.2016

After I have produced japan blue males from galaxy cross I have made (you can read about it here) I assumed that F1 females will carry on one of X chromosomes (after father) Schimmelpfennig platinum (I will call this gene Sc as well). Well testing this out was bigger temptation than pursuing galaxy roundtails sooo […]