Transparent scale pt. III

In this part of a Transparent scale series we will discuss influence of this gene on tail fin shape.See part I and part II to be updated about the previous content. There are some really strong evidences that Transparent scale is not able to shorten swords extensions in guppies. Despite this there are still opinions […]

Moscow variegation

As works towards famous yet elusive Polish Pink Guppy progress I have some interesting variegated phenotypes appeared. Shining factors marks on peduncle and tail fin seems to me to show relation between guanophores and melanophores within Var expression. Appearance of variegation within phenotype seems to vary greatly. There are many factors which influence this subtle […]

Japan blue

Japan blue is easly identified by blue coloration of peduncle. Probably comes from feral population of  Poecilia reticulata living in Japan waters. It is y-linked. Some breeders belive it is possible to jump it on X chromosome – others belive it is not possible. It is worth mentioning that population very similar in look to […]


Very interesting gene. Autosomal dominant. It highlights metallic shine. It causes poliferation of melanophores – and probably that is how it influence metallic colors as well (melanophores and guanophores – responsible for shiny cover – seems to stay in strong connection, not only in case of this gene). It creates effect of pearl mass on […]

Asian blau

Asian blau. Called blue cheat. It is a dominant gene, which is pretty interesting. In heterozygotous state it lowers synthesis of red erythrophores and probably in much lower level also yellow xantophores. It also slightly modifies guanine presence. In homozygotous state effect is much more visible as it almost completly removes red erythrophores and yellow […]