Singapure blue gene

It is a gene that probably origins from muted japan blue. Below you may find photos for comparison.

dsc_0283 dsc_0282 dsc_0280

This gene colours whole body for blue. In my opinion forebody is stronger colored – intensity of color in this part of body can be compared with japan blue. Peduncle however is less intensive. Possibly colors can be positively affected by further selection for more reflective guanine in peduncle and mixing with other known reticulata genes. I am looking forward what future brings with this new gene.

As for 24.11.2016 I have singas from two sources. First I have received from Jacek Ambrożkiewicz around may 2016. He crossed male from Tobi from GuppyFocus with females from LS Alan Bias line. Those females are rather neutral in tail fin shape. Male from Tobi looked like this:


He had this funny little sword. His sons from mentioned above cross made by Jacek look like this:
csc_0173 dsc_0512

So they lost this funny sword. Specimens that I selected for further breedings have yellow dorsal (probably from LS females) and blueish bottom fins.

Second kind of singapor blues I work with come from cross between above male from Tobie and female from Bolek’s japan blue line (I keep this line with males which lost japan blue during cross over). Females from this line are probably neutral in terms of caudal shape, they affect dorsal and there is probably autosomal zebrinus and fragmentary snakeskin on base of caudal fin. Photo of a line:

Young singas from this cross:

Some of them have this funny sword. Will need further work to get rid of it completly.