Snakeskin gene

Snakeskin is interesting gene. It colors whole body (it has to be remembered that guppy can be divided for 3 regions – head, peduncle and tail – each one is colored independently). It can be both X and Y linked.

Photo by W. Storożew.

I must honestly say that in coexpression with other genes snakeskin is really interesting to work with. Look how different looking phenotypes can be produced.

Discussion about this male comes back on facebook group regulary. Some breeders says it is magenta with coexpression with snakeskin. Grzegorz says it cannot be magenta. I am not sure at all. However if you look for glass belly snake skin fish photos you will soon understand why I have my doubts in it beeing a magenta.


Snakeskin with japan blue gene.

GP-02-japanblue GP-03-japanblue

And a classic. Schimmelpfenning platinum with galaxy in coexpression with snake skin. My personal favourite. I must honestly say that I like irregular pattern much more that fine snakeskin markins.