Moscow variegation

As works towards famous yet elusive Polish Pink Guppy progress I have some interesting variegated phenotypes appeared.

X linked moscow variegation with Y-linked Mw.

Shining factors marks on peduncle and tail fin seems to me to show relation between guanophores and melanophores within Var expression.

X-linked moscow variegation with Y-linked Schim. plat
X-linked moscow variegation with Y-linked Schim. plat

Appearance of variegation within phenotype seems to vary greatly. There are many factors which influence this subtle guanophores-melanophores relations. Yet some seems to be especially useful from breeder perspective. Main one seems to be full body modifiers like Y-linked moscow or Y-linked schimmelpfennig. Above shimmelpfennig males are still X-linked moscow Var.

As a bonus – here is a photo of one of the first so called Grass guppies.

Obrazek posiada pusty atrybut alt; plik o nazwie Katsuo-Izumi-breeder-first-Grass-1971-All-Var-in-caudal.jpg